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AIC Еconomics and Management (ISSN 2310-9262 ) bulletin ) was founded in 1996 by BilaTserkva State Agrarian University.
AIC Еconomics and Management journal highlights the results of research conducted by scientists from universities and scientific institutions, by leading economists,
specialists in agrarian profile on topical economical issues of agriculture production development. 

Previous publication titles
Bulletin of  Bila Tserkva State Agrarian University (1996-2009).
In 2009, the journal was re-registered under the title  AIC Еconomics and Management (official abbreviation Ekon. upr. APK).).
 Dear readers, while quoting the bulletin’s papers please give  the article name, author’s last name, and the name of the journal AIC Еconomics and Management   in English regardless of the language the article was published. Some international scientometric databases do not always correctly identify Cyrillic text, which makes it impossible to count the citations.

AIC Еconomics and Management is published semiannual.

The format of the AIC Еconomics and Management bulletin meets international standards.
Articles are published in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages ​​and are accompanied with identical summary in Ukrainian, Russian and English.
The editorial board is represented by recognized national and foreign scholars.

AIC Еconomics and Management bulletin is represented in the National Library of Ukraine named after V.I. Vernadsky, its articles are included into the information analytical database of  RIQ.
Personnel Certification Department of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine have included AIC Еconomics and Management  Bulletin into the lists of of scientific papers collection  recommended for submitting papers of applicants for obtaining academic titles and degrees (agricultural sciences).